Charity Silent Auction!

Buy my photoshoot outfits and I will donate the proceeds (minus shipping)  to my fave charity!

Here is how it works:

1. Email me your bid and item number to . All bids start at $50 🙂

2. I let you know if the item is still available by sunday of that week. 

3. Make your payment by the following day of notification

4. Winning item plus a signed photo of me in the item shipped to you:)

5. Money sent to Time's Up 



To make your bid, include the item number and the US dollar amount you are bidding for it in your email 🙂 Please also include your name and shipping address 🙂


All bids start at $50

Item #10 “Knee High” (Bodysuit and boots) 

Item #11 “Household Chores” (top and bottoms)

Item #12 “Rolling in bed” (top and bottoms)

Item #1 Red Lace (Top, bottoms and shoes)( sold )

Item #2 Sunday Brunch Set (bodysuit) (#2 Back on Market)

Item #3 Bright blue set (top and bottoms)

Item #4 lacy black bra and g string (top and bottoms) (Sold)

Item #5 Purple lacy bra and g string (Top and bottoms) (Sold)

 Here Comes The Sun- First Weekly Fire Set (top and bottoms) (Sold)

 Aqua Blue (top and bottoms) (Sold)


 White sheer dress (sold)


 Flower set (Top and bottoms) (sold)


Thank you for contributing to this awesome charity!